The Road to Gen Con!

2009 August 13
by Dante

Stupid Ranger and I are sitting at the  Denver International Airport on the way to Gen Con 2009!

We’re looking forward to a plethora of fun and exciting events, the opportunity to meet and greet some folks from Wizards of the Coast, meeting up once again with venerable Vanir, and hanging out with the rest of the RPG Blogosphere (those that were able to attend, that is).

Over the past few years, my GenCon schedule has shifted from wandering around the sales floor in starry eyed wonderment to playing a lot of D&D with friends.  I did True Dungeon for a few years, but drifted away from that in recent conventions.  Right now I’m happy with the mix of events that we have planned, however chances are good that I won’t get out to peruse the sales floor until Saturday this year, when the Nerd Whiff reaches its apex.

Also, I’m a bit dismayed at the fact that we will arrive late to the convention on Thursday… essentially missing out on the first day of the con.  I can’t say this is a new phenominon, but the first day of the con has held a magical status for me since my Greatest Gen Con Moment two years ago.  I don’t think anything can top that moment, but I’ll keep coming back to see what happens!

It’s about time to board the plane so I’ll stop reminiscing now.  More from the con as the weekend progresses!

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