Excerpts from Insanity…

2009 March 24
by Dante

We began our short “for fun” campaign tonight, and e from Geek’s Dream Girl and Stupid Ranger did not disappoint. Since we don’t have a Twitter appliance installed yet, I would like to share some of the excerpts from our first night of adventure.

The Background

We have Toccata and Fugue, twin Goliath sisters. They are bards, play trumpets, and have multiclassed themselves as silly as possible at 5th level. They are ultra-competitive, which only adds to the relative insanity.

The campaign takes place at a remote Woodstock-like music festival, where a major act is headlining and the throngs of people that have shown up are drunk and in a party mood.

The following excerpts are from my Twitter, in chronological order for readability’s sake.

The Tweets

WARNING: Some content may be inappropriate. You have been warned.

“OK, we’ve got two Goliath Bards that were orphans raised by dwarves. One can summon a spirit bear with one eye named Bobo. What next?”

“We’re both big, so we need big… implements.” -e

“And I keep my holy symbol of Moradin between my tits.” -e

“The dwarves, they may not have the length but they certainly have the girth.” -e

“Dwarven girls can handle the girth, but just can’t stand the length” -e

“Do I hear screams of excitement, or …… excitement? -stupidranger

And now we’re discussing breast augmentation creams and now they would work in D&D.

“Barf is more potent than beer because it has stomach acid.” -e

Now I’m being asked the average penis length for a half-elf. Anyone know?

Now we’re fighting some ghouls. They’re mocking the ghoul’s bandana.

Thank God, this session is over for the night. Time to replenish material and rest my weary psyche.

A Cautionary Tale? Hardly!

As you can see, we had some fun. Despite all of the roleplay time, the two of them made it a fair way through my prepared content so I feel like it was a rousing success! As you can see, not much effort was made to constrain their desire to roleplay and be as crazy, and we still managed to progress the plot.

I think it was a pretty good attempt at a campaign in the style I discussed yesterday, I highly recommend you give this type of not-too-serious campaigning a try!

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  1. greywulf permalink
    March 25, 2009

    Half-elves has no penis. It's a documented fact. Just look at Tanis Half-Elven from Dragonlance for proof. That guy's definitely dickless.

    That's why it takes an elf and a human to make a half-elf. See? It all fits.

    But anyhow. I love this! Great to see folks taking the lighter and funnier side of 😀 & 😀

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