The Tale of the Empty Fire Safe

2008 June 5
by Stupid Ranger

In the absence created by the lack of Internet last night, Dante & I continued our quest for junk that can be sold at our upcoming garage sale. As we are cleaning the hall closet (a meca for junk!), we came across the fire safe we received as a wedding present.

Dante looked at me and asked if there was anything in there. I told him that since it was locked, the more important question was, where is the key.

Fortunately, I rolled really high on my Remember Where Random Item Is Located roll and found the key in a basket on top of the kitchen shelves. Upon opening the safe, it was, in fact, empty.

Dante got a gleam in his eye and headed over to the hutch in which we keep Important Documents. I briefly wondered what he decided was important enough to go in the safe that has been empty for four years, but my contemplations were short-lived as he quickly returned in plopped something right in the safe.

I asked what he put in there, and he lifted from the safe one of the D&D books signed by Gary Gygax. Because, of course, what document could be more important to save during a fire?

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  1. David permalink
    June 6, 2008

    That Dante is always thinking… Good choice!

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