Joys of Playing an Epic Character

2008 March 19
by Stupid Ranger

Dante has share some of the growing pains he’s experienced as a co-DM for our epic campaign. And it surprised me when I realized that playing an epic character really isn’t the walk-in-the-park I had expected.

It’ll All Be Easier When I’m Epic

It’s very easy to fall into the mindset everything will come up sunshine and rainbows once your character reaches 20th level. Think of all those fabulous spells/feats/skills/etc your character didn’t have when they were younger. Life will be happy and joyful. Let me remind you that as your character gains awesome spells/feats/skills, enemies will also gain spells/feats/skills. You think your party’s wizard is pretty awesome now, wait ’til you see the spells the evil wizard can cast! Hope your character’s reflex save improved too!

When I Grow Up….

I’m a huge proponent of career planning, making decisions early so you know what your character wants to be when they grow up. Unfortunately, my optimism doesn’t usually survive to 20th level. I had a mid-character-life crisis upon realizing that I didn’t know what to do next in terms of career development for Ari. I have since overcome that particular obstacle by finding a new prestige class that compliments her combat style.

One of the harder parts of growing epic is the need to keep your character exciting, to have something toward which you can look forward as your character gains new levels. For me (and Ari), it was finding another prestige class; for you, it might be the need to start inventing your own spells. Figure out what keeps you excited about gaining a new level and build that into your character development.

Playing an epic character in an epic story to save the world is very exciting; I’m thrilled that Ari is awesome enough that wizards want to try to disintegrate her! I just caution you to consider that with great levels come great responsibility.

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