Where Do You Go from 20?

2008 January 2
by Stupid Ranger

Our epic campaign is approaching Level 20, and standing at the crossroads to this momentous occasion leads me to question where to go from here.

You may remember my brief discussions on Ari, my elven fighter. Ari progressed along the Fighter class until 8th Level, when she began the Champions of Corellon Larethian prestige class from the Races of the Wild supplement. After completing the prestige class, Ari returned to the fighter class, mostly because I didn’t have any plans for after finishing the Champion class.

So, Ari is on the threshold of 20th Level and will likely be taking the 10th Level of Fighter. And until I have any further idea where to go with her career development, she’ll probably continue to be a Fighter.

This is my first character cresting the 20-Level mark. And I’m throwing open the gates to ideas. What do I do next with my elven fighter? There is plenty left to gain from the Fighter class, but there’s also the thought in the back of my mind that another prestige class may give me an opportunity to further develop my character’s story.

Any suggestions?

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  1. ChattyDM permalink
    January 3, 2008

    I really am not a big fan of Prestige Classes.

    If you have your full 10 levels of a Prestige class, I’d stick with a 10th level as a fighter… It gets you a bonus feat (which I’d suggest you dig in Dante’s unused Sourcebooks for).

    I don’t know how long your game is planned for (I never made it to 20th in 25 years of gaming, my longest campaign stopped at 18th) but I’d suggest focusing on Ari’s twilight as a hero (storywise) and her plans after having saved the world for the umpteeth time.

    Now if you want to break the mold a bit, I’d sit down with the DM and try to create an 11th level to your prestige class with one last in-flavour class ability that you’ve always wanted to play and that doesn’t break the power curve of your game…

    But that’s the tinker in me…. 🙂

  2. Dante permalink
    January 3, 2008

    Well, that’s good… I hear Prestige Classes are going away in 4th edition anyway! 🙂

    I love heightening things in the game, so sitting down to discuss augmenting an existing prestige class sure would be interesting at the very least!

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