GenCon once again!

2012 August 15
by Dante

As I write this, we are waiting for the baby to wake up from her nap.  After that, we make the trek to the storied heights of Denver International Airport where we will wing our way to GenCon.

I can distinctly recall the state I was in at the last convention.  Stupid Ranger was 7 weeks pregnant with the baby and it was still too early to tell anyone (since we had yet to see the doctor), so I spent a fair portion of the convention pensively wandering around the Marriott lobby fretting about how my wife and potential child was doing.  I also saw the gamers around me, and wondered if I was headed toward a life event that would handicap or eliminate my ability to ever attend and enjoy this convention again.  Suffice it to say, I am very excited about heading back to Indy and back to GenCon to be among the bulk of gamer-kind.

I’m sure the 20 of you that still read this blog are rife with anticipation, wanting to know what it is that the StupidRanger crew will be doing at the best four days in gaming.  Here it is, in short:


  1. Arrive at the hotel.
  2. Text Vanir to inform him that we survived.
  3. Sleep until further notice.


  1.  Get badges, go to sales floor.
  2. Attend the Patrick Rothfuss reading at 4 pm.  Hopefully stick around and get him to sign some things and receive our adulation and/or hugs.
  3. Hopefully meet up with some of the Greater Nerds from Critical Hits.  Visit and/or game.


  1. More sales floor.
  2. Second chance to meet Patrick Rothfuss if the stars do not align on Thursday.
  3. Possibly attend signings for Wil Wheaton and Nichelle Nichols.
  4. ???


  1. Last, final chance to impose upon Patrick Rothfuss, if all other attemps to name the wind fail.
  2. More sales floor.
  3. ???


  1. Weep openly that the con has drifted by so quickly.
  2. Enjoy the benefits of time travel as we head back toward the mountains and pick up two hours of time, landing basically at the same time we took off from Indy.

And that’s the plan.  Sense a pattern here? 🙂  Both Stupid Ranger and I have recently read “Name of the Wind” and “The Wise Man’s Fear” and I very much want to meet Patrick Rothfuss and express my enjoyment of his work, possibly using some form of interpretive dance.

For those of you that we normally hang out with at GenCon: we are looking forward to seeing you all.  Understand, however, that our plans must remain more fluid this year since we are toting around a feisty 16-month old.  Any plans that we have made will be subject to change with little/no notice, you can blame said 16-month old for any schedule interruptions.  Another likely scenario: Stupid Ranger OR I will be able to attend to game with you, but chances are unlikely you will get us both in one place unless you also intend to endure splintered attention and a roving toddler.  Consider yourselves warned.

The good news: the baby has her own costumes and will be able to impart a +2 CHA bonus on your game or event.  That is all.

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