Announcing Gamerati Loot!

2011 March 14
by Dante

I’m pleased to report that my sizable absence from the blogosphere was for a good purpose.  I have partnered with my buddy Ed Healy (of Gamerati fame) to present to you Gamerati Loot!, which will feature a deeply discounted product each weekday.  We’re focusing primarily on roleplaying games, board games, and gaming products initially, with an eye toward expansion in the future.

This has been a fairly large undertaking to get going, and I’m happy to report that we received our first order only 8 minutes after the site going live.  Ed and I happened to be on Skype and the time, and much rejoicing was done over the Interwebs.  The first product that we’re offering is Nobis: The City-States at a 50% discount, brought to us by the fine folks over at Pantheon Press.  Nobis: The City-States was nominated for Best Supplement at the 2010 ENnie Awards, and is a well-regarded high fantasy setting.

This book is only on sale until 11:30 PM EDT, so hurry on over and grab a copy.

While I am very excited about this project, I will limit myself to only posting up information about products that I know will be of interest (i.e. D&D, Pathfinder, etc).  I don’t intend on posting up every item each day here, so if you are really interested in keeping track of what Loot! has to offer, be sure to sign up for our mailing list at the website or via the Gamerati Facebook page.

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