Happy New Year!

2011 January 3
by Dante

Happy New Year from StupidRanger!  We’re all very excited for the coming year, which will include both personal and gaming related changes.  As previously reported, Stupid Ranger and I will be welcoming a baby girl into the world in late March.  This is likely to impact our gaming schedule dramatically, but thanks to several friends with flexible schedules (and a tolerance for kids) we should be able to continue gaming as much as humanly possible.

Here’s the current line-up for 2011:

  • My D&D campaign continues (along with Stupid Ranger), firmly entrenched in the Paragon Tier.
  • The Deadlands campaign that I am playing in will carry on, so more Weird West action can be expected.
  • I received Low Life for Christmas, a strange Savage World setting by Andy Hopp that I want to play this year.  (More on this one soon!)
  • Much, much more Gamma World.

Stupid Ranger chimes in with her lone gaming resolution: “I want to play Dragon Age 2 as much as possible before the baby comes.”  Seeing as how the baby is due on March 26, that might be a tall order!

Is there something else you want us to write about or cover this year?  Mention it in the comments and we’ll see what we can do!

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