Living Forgotten Realms…

2010 October 9
by Dante

Today I participated in my fifth session of Living Forgotten Realms at Total Escape Games.  My fighter, Maxwell Edison, took to the mean streets of Baldur’s Gate for Silent Streets and Vanished Souls and it was a pretty interesting experience.  I was the only defender in the group, therefore my role was to soak massive amounts of damage while the striker and controller types did their things.  Our group did a fairly decent job of using strategy to our advantage in the combat encounters, which was fairly impressive since two of our players were first-timers to D&D 4e.  There was even the opportunity for some roleplaying during the skill challenges, which always pleases me.

Our DM was a little unfamiliar with the adventure so there was a bit of delay as he got comfortable with the information he was to disseminate during the skill challenges but it didn’t detract much from the game itself.  The combat encounters were very intense, at one point my character and one other were unconscious and bleeding and thanks to some valiant attacks and strategic use of Action Points we were able to win the day.

I enjoy the dynamic of being in a new area of Forgotten Realms with each small adventure, so far the plot of the adventures have been interesting enough to keep me coming back for more.  It’s also good to be able to game with groups of different players.  This table was primarily a mix of new people, but luckily the DM from our last encounters session was at my table so I knew there was at least one person that I enjoyed gaming with present.  That still didn’t prevent the inevitable awkward social situations that occur at the gaming table sometimes, but I’ll leave that topic for another article.

Living Forgotten Realms continues to be interesting, so I’ll be keeping my eye out for the next session and hopefully I can get Maxwell up to Level 4!  More soon!

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  1. October 9, 2010

    man I wish there were a gaming store, or even other gamers in my area so we could run some of these living games. I’d love to get in on some Encounters or Pathfinder society, but living in BFE keeps my pool of gamers pretty short.

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