StupidRanger does GenCon!

2010 August 4
by Dante

It’s that wonderful time of year again: GenCon 2010 is upon us!

Wednesday, August 4

2:38pm – Arrive in Indy

Since this year the trend is to provide far more information than necessary, we are flying United. There is an unfortunately balding dork sitting directly in front of me and a very crabby old man in a Cosby-sweater style tshirt behind me. To repay him for his ill temper, I am attempting to fart a video game chiptune to entertain him. It is not working.

8pm – Drunken D&D

This now annual tradition has us meeting up with the guys from Critical Hits (including our very own Vanir, who contributes over there now) to inbibe in strange potions of an adult nature. Usually this game is pretty crazy, so a good time is eagerly anticipated.

Thursday, August 5

8am – RPGA: Mourning of Ravens

Stupid Ranger and I are participating in the RPGA events this year. I have recreated a 4e version of my irrationally violent Maxwell Edison character (a fighter, weilding a maul naturally) to grace Forgotten Realms with. Stupid Ranger is bringing her hybrid Avenger/Evoker deva named Atora to the game, so it should be a pretty good time.

Maxwell made his debut at a Living Forgotten Realms event last weekend and he was just as much of a riot to play as he used to be, so I am looking forward to playing him again.

1pm – Photo Quest check-in

Stupid Ranger decided to participate in the Photo Quest this year, so we have to check in for that. Not much clever to say about this one.

3pm – Chainmaille Dicebag

Why? Because we freaking wanted chainmaille dicebags. That’s why!

7pm – Roleplaying Therapy for the Severely Disturbed

This is our annual event, where we are joined by the Critical Hits guys, Micah from Obsidian Portal, Graham from Critical Ankle Bites, and e from for two hours of the zaniest roleplay you will be likely to encounter.

The premise of this year’s incarnation is that the players are flawed in some way, and have sought the counsel of Dr. Dante to solve their issues. I don’t want to give it away, but Vanir is bringing two of his most insane creations to the table and the rest of the characters participating will give him a run for his money.

Because of some boneheads preparing the materials, this event has changed names several times in recent months. If you’re in the Westin Caucus, you’re in the right place.

9pm – Graham’s Bachelor Party

Our longtime buddy Graham is getting married soon, so we’re giving him a nerdy farewell to bachelorhood and (hopefully) his sobriety all at once! This will be the first bachelor party that I know of that will feature D&D and kobold strippers, so I am looking forward to it!

Friday, August 6

11am – Wil Wheaton’s seminar

I am eagerly anticipating the chance to get to meet one Wil Wheaton, Pope of the Internet. He’s having a big seminar where they aren’t even taking tickets, so we blocked our whole morning to queue up so we get a chance to attend.

Noon to 4 pm – Sales Floor!

This time slot is allocated for wandering around the vast nerdy expanse that is the sales floor. With any measure of luck we will get a chance to meet Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and the rest of the folks from The Guild during this time.

4pm – 21 Days to a Novel

This seminar is something that Stupid Ranger and I both wanted to do. I have been toying with the idea of doing National Novel Writing Month this year so I thought it would be a good idea to train this skill a bit. Stupid Ranger has wanted to write a book for a long time, hopefully she will be spurred on by this event.

More tomorrow!

Since this is getting long, I am going to continue the scheduled events tomorrow along with reports from the convention floor!

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