StupidRanger does GenCon, Part 2

2010 August 5
by Dante

Here’s part two of our GenCon schedule!

Saturday, August 7

8am – RPGA: Ravens Under the Midday Sun

Maxwell and Atora will continue their adventures in Forgotten Realms, provided that Maxwel doesn’t get everyone killed.

4pm – GM’s Jam

Put on by Zach from RPG Blog 2, I will once again be participating in this event. This was a great forum for game mastering, taking the form of a QA session. I learned a lot sitting on the panel last year, so I have high hopes for a repeat performance this year.

5pm – Photo Quest Check-out

What checks in must check out, Stupid Ranger will be doing this while I am at the GM’s Jam.

7:30pm – Video Games Live!

We scored front row floor tickets to this show, the whole Stupid Ranger crew will be attending this one!

10:30pm – StupidRanger Reunion

We are meeting up with Vanir and several members of our old gaming group, reuniting to revisit my first and favorite homebrew campaign setting of Evensbrook. It will be great to game with some of my best friends again, so I can’t wait for this.

Sunday, August 8

8am – RPGA: Ravens Nights

What is it with these 8am RPGA events? Sheesh! Providing no death occurs, Maxwell and Atora are back at it on Sunday. This is our last planned event of the convention, so I am sure it will be fun and bittersweet.

That’s it for GenCon 2010 for us. We are sticking around until Monday so we can rest up a bit before travelling, so if anyone else is doing the same and feels like some post-con gaming just get in touch with us!

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