GenCon Day 4 and 5: RPGA, GM’s Jam, and more!

2010 August 9
by Dante

GenCon Day 4 dawned in similar fashion to the previous two days: with another round of RPGA D&D. Stupid Ranger and I were lucky enough to get into the MINI2-2 session, which allowed us to complete the story arc for the convention on Sunday. I am glad we did this much D&D at the convention, because I learned a lot more about the mechanics of RPGA play.

Among the other GenCon highlights was the GM’s Jam, where I joined Zack from RPG Blog 2, Jeff from Bonescroll, Mark (neglected to get his link, sadly), and DNAPhil from Gnome Stew for a Q&A style panel. We covered a myriad of topics, that seemed to focus much more on the social aspects of running a game moreso than game/plot design or DM mechanics. I will explore some interesting bits on this in an article next week.

We also attended Video Games Live, which I now consider compulsary for anyone that claims to love video games, grew up in the 80’s, or fancies themselves a nerd and enjoys orchestral music. I though Vanir was going to vibrate out of his chair when they did Lament of the Highborn from World of Warcraft and a medley involving Mega Man music from across the ages.

Last but certainly not least, was getting most of my old gaming group from home together for a reunion game. It was great adventuring with the old group together and to see Lumbar and Skythorn back in action. Unfortunately, that game ran quite late and we were all ready to crash immediately after it.

Another GenCon is past, but I am glad to report that thanks to some great friends and fellow bloggers I am fired up again! I have a ton of gaming material reviews to get through, so you will likely see one of those a week for awhile. We also have plenty of gaming opportunities in coming months, so that will afford us a plethora of new stuff to talk about.

Stupid Ranger will take the helm over the next week as I am out of town with my day job, but I will be back the following week.

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  1. August 10, 2010

    It was good seeing you guys at Gen Con, and it was great sitting in on the GM’s Jam with you.

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