GenCon Day 3!

2010 August 6
by Dante

Today was a fabulous day to be a geek! The day started off with breakfast with the oh-so-awesome Shelly Mazzanoble and Bart Carroll, followed quickly by a trip to look at the line to watch Wil Wheaton’s seminar.

I say look at the line because it became quickly apparent that 1) it was going to be a zoo and 2) waiting for the whole event to be over might compromise Stupid Ranger’s plan to get one of Wil’s limited edition chapbooks, so we headed to the sales floor to queue up for autographs.

We stood in line for about an hour to get autographs from members of The Guild, where we got to meet Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis, Robin Thorsen, and the sublime Felicia Day. They were all really nice, and we got the opportunity to talk to Jeff and Robin for several minutes since there was some line congestion in front of us. Felicia was even so kind as to pose for a picture with us, which was really neat.

We opted to just cycle the line waiting for Wil to show up, and we ended up about 10 from the front. Stupid Ranger got the coveted chapbook #6, we talked to Wil for several minutes about his work, roleplaying blogs (including StupidRanger!), and the origin of our D&D dice that we brought to donate at his request.

After that lovely bit of nerdvana, we walked the sales floor for a bit. I spoke with James Wyatt for a few minutes (which was awesome), and then we headed to the 21 Days to a Novel session with Michael Stackpole. I decided at the last minute to attend that event and I am glad that I did. Michael’s method really creates great characters and interesting interactions, and I think that will help my adventure writing. The ability to create a really great character with real motivations is a topic that we have covered here before, this session really pumped me up to create some new stories.

As I write this, I am helping with a speed dating event that my friend e from is putting on.

More tomorrow!

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