+5 Whiteboard of Excellence…

2010 August 17
by Dante

It is my custom to leave an “Out of Office” note on my whiteboard before leaving on vacation.  This time, I left a message indicating my out of office dates and a drawing of a d20 (on crit, naturally).  I also implored my office to “feel free to write something nerdy up here in my absence” expecting to get a random Star Wars quote or something to chuckle about upon my return.  Instead, my initial request was erased and replaced by… well… THIS.

As you can see, I work with a bunch of hyper-nerds.  My favorite: “For Sale: Unicorn, 5000 GP or Trade for Pictures of J. Alba”.

How I love my coworkers!

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  1. John permalink
    August 20, 2010

    That’s just full of Awesome!

    I might get,might,…… “Where’s the TPS reports?”

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