Roleplaying Therapy for the Severely Disturbed with

2010 July 12
by Stupid Ranger

Out of the Box Roleplaying – Gencon 2009 (Panel from left to right: Dante, Vanir, Bartoneus, Yax, Dave the Game, e and Chgowiz)

As if Gencon weren’t crazy enough, we’re adding our own special brand of insanity to the mix. Returning for its third year, but with a sparkly new name, we will be showcasing unconventional roleplaying at its finest.

Game ID: SEM1013931

Title: Roleplaying Therapy For The Severely Disturbed with

Description: Can the RPG bloggers beat the DM’s dungeon? Will they try and make the DM’s head explode in the process? Will there be EL Fudge? Come find out the answers to these questions and more at this live play session, with plenty of audience participation and prizes awarded.

This year’s panel of guests (TBA later this month) will be entertaining you with their demonstration of a rules-light-roleplay-heavy game where absolutely ANYTHING can happen! That said, please be aware that this is not really a family-friendly event; language and content may not be suitable for all audiences. It will be fun, it will be crazy, and there will be audience prizes!

Last year’s session, recorded by the fine folks at Pulp Gamer, is available for review here.  And if you want to see more pictures, you can view my Gencon 2009 Flickr set here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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