Review: Player’s Strategy Guide

2010 June 16
by Stupid Ranger

The Player’s Strategy Guide came out a couple of weeks ago, and while it may not be for everyone, I think the Strategy Guide is a great reference, especially for new players.

For New Players

If you haven’t had much — or any — roleplaying experience, the guide is a great reference for getting your feet wet. There is a lot of great advice on roleplaying topics, from deciding what character to play to getting into character to deciding when to heal. What I like about this from the new player perspective is that things are explained simply, without a lot of the jargon that can be a little intimidating to new players.

For Experienced Players

The guide may feel as if it’s geared toward new players, but there are still valuable tips for experienced players who may be switching to 4E. Because 4E has so many different elements from previous editions, some of the character development techniques can be useful for those who are switching editions. What I really like from the experienced player perspective are the character quizzes. There are quizzes to help you pin-point which class and which race you might like to play. This would have been immensely helpful for our paladin, who switched classes after 10 levels because the warlord just wasn’t suiting her style of play.

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