D&D Encounters: Session 3

2010 June 27
by Stupid Ranger

This is a mostly spoiler-free review/recap of our experiences.  If you don’t want to know anything about the third session, don’t click the link below.

Dante & I have been playing the new D&D Encounters season: Fury of the Wastewalker.  Last week, we finished our third session (see photo).  I’m playing Barcan, the sorcerer, while Dante is playing Jarvix, the psion.  Both of us are new to Dark Sun, so this has been a unique experience for us.

Session Recaps — Without Giving Anything Away

Traveling through the wastelands, we find our caravan attacked.  We few adventurers survive and strive to escape to civilization.  It’s not an easy life, traveling the desert, especially with random attacks threatening our lives.  But we have to keep moving, or the victory our enemies fail to achieve will be accomplished by the harsh environment.

My Thoughts So Far

I opted for the sorcerer, Barcan.  I wanted to play a class with which I had some familiarity, but there were still several elements I didn’t know.  It’s tough to walk into a character not knowing anything about them, but I thought my experience with my wizard would be enough to help me figure my way through the unfamiliar powers.

My biggest problem was getting used to the abbreviated character sheet.  I miss having all the details, especially the skills.  With all the miscellaneous skill checks, it would have been nice to have all the skills and modifiers listed, instead of just the trained skills.  The spells are fairly well defined, but I miss little things like the keywords.  For me, it’s more about what I don’t see on my little character card, though the omissions are minor in nature.

Dark Sun is a unique experience for me.  I’m having fun so far, but I’m not sure how much I would enjoy the difficulties of surviving the environment in a long-term campaign.  So I’m reserving judgment until I’ve play a bit more. 😉

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  1. July 5, 2010

    I too find the compressed character sheets terrible and difficult to use (especially if you’re new to 4e D&D). I created D&D Encounters Dark Sun Character Skill Cards to remind my players that they can use any of the 17 skills and not just the four listed on the abbreviated character sheets provided.

  2. Stupid Ranger permalink*
    July 5, 2010

    @Ameron: Thanks for sharing the skill cards. I’m going to print those out and take them to our next session!

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