A Brush with Death

2010 April 28
by Stupid Ranger

This is my mostly spoiler-free account of my D&D Encounters – Session 7 experience.

We’re still exploring Undermountain.  It seems like it’s been days since we’ve seen the sun, let alone someone (other than our little party) who wasn’t trying to kill us.  It’s a monster-extravaganza down here!

As we continued our exploration, we encountered a tortured soul who had no control over her actions, most of which involved attacking us.  And that’s when I got in trouble.  I was attempting to move to a more secure location in the room when I was attacked and knocked prone.  Our Runepriest was only able to heal one of us involved in the battle, and I told him to help the Fighter, who seemed to be more effective in combat.  Then, before I could even stand up, I was unconscious.

Fortunately, the Runepriest was able to heal me shortly thereafter, and I returned to the fray.  Unfortunately, I was so rattled by the experience, I wasn’t able to do much of anything productive after that.  The rest of the group managed to end the poor soul’s suffering.  But this pace has been difficult for us all; we could all use a nice, long rest, and I hope we manage one soon.

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  1. May 26, 2010

    I’ve always wondered if prolonged adventures in dungeons, Underdarks, Undermountains and Undercities would result in severe Vitamin D deficiencies for the PCs.

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