Mind Bullets, Anyone?

2010 March 12
by Stupid Ranger

For those of you awaiting the ability to destroy their enemies with merely a single thought, you’re going to enjoy the Players Handbook 3.  Introduced in this volume are several new psionic classes: Ardent, Battlemind, Monk, and Psion.

Finally, the Monk Returns

The Monk returns as a Striker with a Psionic keyword.  Monks spend years training and studying, and they have learned how to use their psionic powers and their fists to defeat their foes.  As you mind expect, many of their powers have monk-like names, such as Whirling Mantis Step and Fist of Indomitable Iron.

I have to say, at first glance, my favorite aspect of the monk is the Initiate of the Dragon Paragon path.  Here, you’ve learned the ancient skills that were once taught by dragons to particularly gifted humans and have pass through the ages.  Once you’ve mastered this Paragon Path at 20th level, you have fully developed the ability to polymorph into a dragon.

What About the Rest?

Each of the other psionic classes has its interesting features, as well as the more mundane powers related to keeping oneself alive.  But here’s what I thought was neat about the Ardent, Battlemind & Psion.

They don’t have Encounter powers.  Instead, they gain At-Will powers when everyone else gets Encounter Powers.  These At-Will Powers are fairly useful in their own right, but there’s an extra little kick to make them truly unique for the psionics.

These three classes gain Power Points at Encounter-Power Levels.  Power Points can be used with “Augmentable” At-Will Psion powers.  Based on the number of Power Points expended to augment a power, the At-Will gains extra strength.  It’s an interesting concept of psionics’ control over their mental abilities; by training and focusing their mental powers, they can alter their attacks as needed.  Power Points reset after a short or extended rest, giving them the same basic utility as Encounter powers.

Now, I am personally more of a “give me a sword or a fireball, I want to see the damage I’m about to inflict” class preference.  But after reviewing these new psionic classes, I’m impressed with the width and breadth of their abilities.  I think they would be fun to play!

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  1. March 12, 2010

    Become a psion and gain the power…to move you!

    Actually I’m super excited to play a runepriest for a one-shot on Sunday. Psions are cool for that sort of “now my power levels are above one million!” kind of action, but they’re not my flavor.

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