D&D Encounters – Session 2

2010 March 24
by Stupid Ranger

This is a spoiler-free recap of my experiences in the second session of D&D Encounters.

Tonight I played the second session of D&D Encounters at Total Escape Games.  It was a better combat experience for my hybrid invoker/avenger, but it was a rough combat for all of us.

Only four of the six players returned this week.  One of the monks, the warlock, the psion and me.  When faced with the bad guys and their very pokey weapons, we had some trouble.  They had no trouble hitting us, we had only a little trouble hitting them, but in a contest, they hit way harder than us!  Our monk went down three times, the warlock and the psion both once.  Fortunately, no one died.  But it was close!

So imagine this: my cloth-wearing invoker/avenger is backed into a corner, her sword in one hand and her rod in the other.  The monk has fallen, the warlock takes a nasty hit and falls too.  There are two enemies left, and one takes the psion down.  Atora is standing alone, facing two enemies.  Suddenly 12 hit points doesn’t seem like enough to survive the round.  She lands her attack, dealing some radiant damage.  Then, suddenly, the warlock stands back up!

Combat ended shortly after that.  Everyone survived, though our monk has decided that adventuring isn’t for him, so he’s headed back to the surface; the player has decided to hang up the monk and replace him with a leader-role class.  And we can definitely use the healing.  Suddenly, next week looks a little more promising!

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  1. March 24, 2010

    There’s never a Dwarven fighter around when you need one.
    We had 6-7 people for our first two “Encounters” so I was free to bust out my Halfling Insult Bard, (named Rickles) who dabbles with Limericks. Fun was had by all. I’m thinking about running the first 3 or 4 encounters all in a row on the last Sat. or Sun. of the Month. We have an extra kit at the store. Game On!

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