First Days of Dragon Age: Origins

2009 November 16
by Stupid Ranger

I lost myself in the black hole of Dragon Age: Origins yesterday.  And while I’m feeding my Castle addiction tonight, I’m sharing my initial impressions before diving back in.

Character Generation

I opted for the Dalish Elf Rogue.  Then I went through the personalization options.  I have to admit, I was a little overwhelmed with all the personalization options.  Eye color, eye distance, eye shape, hair color, hair style, eye brow shape, eye brow color, etc, etc.  But I eventually managed to find a combination of all elements that looked okay to me, and then I was off.

Spoiler-Free Game Conversation

I promise not to ruin it for anyone, so this will be completely spoiler-free.  The game play is exceptional.  While some of the twists were a bit predictable, there were still moments where I sat flabbergasted at the turn of events.  So far, it’s been fun, it’s graphically beautiful, it’s entrancing, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

There were a few little things that took me a bit to adjust to.  First, I was surprised that there wasn’t an option to adjust to amount of blood/gore.  It’s not overwhelming, but I was surprised that there wasn’t an option for it.

Second, it took me a bit to become accustomed to the camera angle.  I think part of this was because I’d been playing Fable 2, and I expected a certain level of camera control.  There really isn’t camera control available beyond the thumb stick control.  I adapted quickly, and it hasn’t been an issue for my experience.

I’m heading back in to the game now.  If you haven’t started playing it yourself, I recommend you get moving.

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  1. November 17, 2009

    Dude I logged 60 hours in that game. Dwarf noble, kept the moral high ground for the most part, romanced Morrigan to keep my hide at the end of the game. Morally gripping. I’m in a post-DAO malaise and it will be a while before I recover.

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