Dragon Age: Origins Promotionalstuff Megaflood

2009 October 23
by Vanir

I was on vacation for most of last week. And by “vacation”, I mean I drove 900 miles to go see my SR compatriots in Colorado, and then my whole family got sick with the flu. My son, in particular, blasted curdled milk and hotdogs all over Dante’s lap. Then we drove home and my wife barfed in a truck stop and I HAVEN’T HAD A WHOLE LOT OF SLEEP LATELY OKAY!!!@ AAAHAHHAHA

Thusly, I have been woefully negligent of posting all the Dragon Age stuff I’ve been sent lately. So here is a big frickin’ megaflood of it. ENJOY!

There’s a Character Creator app out for the PC version of Dragon Age out now, in case you want to hit the ground running when the game comes out.

Character Creator (English) – http://files.bioware.com/dragonage_cc_dl/DragonAgeOriginsCharacterCreator_en.exe

And a social network, too. Think of it as Dragon Agebook. Or Broodmotherbook. That’s where every time you throw up in your mouth a little bit, and it automatically posts when you did it and what you had for lunch.

Dragon Age Origins Social Network – http://social.bioware.com/home.php

This is where some lucky bastard gets flown out to London, England and FORCED to play Dragon Age at gunpoint in the hopes of winning $50,000. Informative PSA at the following link FOR YOUR PROTECTION.

Warden’s Quest Gaming Event – https://rcpt.yousendit.com/757914063/31dc24f8288e2a311ca27d6d6f813dad

And now, some screenshots and trailers for your viewing pleasure. File sizes may be fairly large. However, their awesome-to-size ratio is favorable.



Character Creator






Thus ends my flood. I cannot wait for this game to come out. WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME WAIT, BIOWARE? WHY???

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