In Which Vanir Makes A Retraction

2009 August 20
by Vanir

On occasion, I put my foot in my mouth. And by “on occasion”, I mean “frequently”.

In yesterday’s tale of Gen Con adventure, I made mention of us getting a “real” interview instead of just “some talking head from a game company”. Now, granted, I was in full on embellishment mode to make an interesting story, and I had fully intended to bring things back down to reality when the interview posted. The fact of the matter is, all the PR people we’ve ever dealt with have been super excellent to us (especially Emil and Katie), and the last thing I want to do is say something dumb and ungrateful that makes light of the work they do and then let it sit for a week.  I write code all day and rarely have to deal with a client face to face. These guys do things all day that terrify the crap out of me, and I really respect them for it. So, sorry about that.

And for the record, Katie, we were completely stoked to have an interview with you (although, admittedly, finding out about Bill and Andy changed our focus slightly as we were freaking out). And you didn’t even run screaming when you found out about the horrible things going on when you came up to say hi during our All-Bards adventure. In fact, you laughed. You can play with us any time. If we ever see you (or Emil) at a convention, you may expect to be bought lunch. For ROCKING.

So, anyway, now I can go back to being weird again. I simply did not feel right leaving that where it stood. Rathgar’s blessings upon you all.

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  1. August 21, 2009

    I sympathize. I have often wished that I could hear how my words sound to other people before I say or write them. Still, as super-powers go, I would rather be able to become incorporeal at will. 🙂

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