Decking the Halls with AV2

2009 August 19
by Stupid Ranger

Dear Journal,

Today, we infiltrated the castle of Mildred the Miserable, a sorceress of some power but great evil.  It took a little bit of time and effort to track Mildred, but once we found her, we were able to eliminate her Miserable-ness from the world.  Having emptied the castle of its evil occupant, we claimed it for our own.

We finished exploring the castle, and we made some very exciting discoveries.  Apparently Mildred the Miserable had quite the shopping habit; her castle was full of amazing objects.

One wasn’t so much in the castle as the castle was composed of it.  While we were seeking entry, we tried climbing the walls but were unable to scale them.  We found a note in Mildred’s library, detailing the construction of the castle out of Shiftstone.  Apparently, these stones remove handholds and make it very difficult for intruders to scale the walls.  Now we know we’re not just incapable of climbing, and we feel a little more secure against others who might try to take our castle from us.

The library also revealed big trick from Mildred’s arsenal.  When we first entered the castle, we admired the stone gargoyle in the main hall; now we know it was a Vigilant Gargoyle.  Mildred was able to see through its eyes to spy on us… that’s how she knew about us.  Now, we can use it to see who’s coming to visit.

We explored the rest of the castle, then made our way to the kitchen; defeating evil makes an adventurer hungry!  There we found one of the most marvelous items: The Cask of Liquid Gold.  We all enjoyed its dwarven ale and drank it dry, but when we came back the next morning for breakfast, we found it full again!

In the end, we were successful in our efforts to destroy the Mildred the Miserable, and we are very happy turning her evil lair into our comfortable home.

Adventurer’s Vault 2 has a great section on Wondrous Lair Items, items that can be added to the adventurer’s lair.  The great part about these items is that they can be used in the “lair” before the adventurers take residence; they make great, built-in loot.

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