Last chance to vote!!

2009 July 31
by Dante

ENnies voting ends in just a few short hours!

Take this opportunity to head over and vote for our friends at!  We had the distinct opportunity last year at GenCon to physically meet up with Dave the Game and Bartoneus for Drunken D&D and intend to again this year.  Those guys are some of the most prolific and nicest bloggers on the RPG Blogosphere… who are you to not believe Wil Wheaton?

We had the good fortune to participate in the launch of the Player’s Handbook 2, where the Critical Hits guys hosted a PHB2 Roundtable that I truly enjoyed taking part in.  They had been assigned to review the Avenger class, which was a great introduction.  This ended up serving me particularly well, as shortly after the PHB2 hit we had an Avenger in our group.

Seriously, if you don’t go vote for Critical Hits today I will pump Vanir full of sugar and send him to your next game session.  None of your livestock will be safe.

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  1. August 1, 2009

    That’s a serious threat people- heed the warning! Voting ends at Midnight EST tonight (Saturday)! Or Bessie-May will never be the same!

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