Fire? Anyone?

2009 June 11
by Stupid Ranger

As previously documented, I am currently playing an eladrin wizard who prefers fire-based spells.  Eaerenel is quite happy setting fire to the bad guys, and she can’t imagine life any other way.  This has presented a bit of a concern for character development as Eaerenel gains levels.  It’s not a problem yet, but it might be soon, because after perusing various Paragon paths, I haven’t found one involving fire.

I will say up front that I have not thoroughly examined every source book that includes Paragon paths, but I have taken a look at most of the options included in the PHB, PHB2 and Arcane Power.  And I haven’t found anything focusing on fire.

Eaerenel is not yet ready for a Paragon Path, but I like to be prepared.  I’m not interested in changing her focus from fire spells just to fit into the offered paths.  So in order to keep true to my fiery friend’s nature, I’m planning on adapting the Spellstorm Mage from the PHB (p.170), changing the keyword from Lightning to Fire.

And here’s my question for everyone out there: have any of you adapted or developed your own Paragon Paths?

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  1. Saragon permalink
    June 11, 2009

    I’ve developed my own homebrew paragon path as a replacement for the 3rd Ed. Heir of Siberys prestige class in the Eberron Campaign Setting book. Of course, with the official 4E book coming out next week, it may be superseded – mine didn’t exactly make an attempt at balance.

    The Spellstorm Mage adaptation is a good one, and very simple. Another option might have been the Battle Mage (also PHB.) The ability to make opportunity attacks with fire and retaliate with a firey at-will when bloodied would have been pretty thematic, and changing “Forceful Retort” from force to a small fireball wouldn’t have been much effort either. Still, I can’t say much bad about the Spellstorm Mage idea. They’re fun!

  2. June 11, 2009

    I think I found what you are looking for. The Rimetongue Caller paragon path (Arcane Power) would work if you swap out everything cold for fire damage. Change up the name and I think it will work.

    The class does work best if you take a few summoning spells (also in Arcane Power) but I think it would work for you.

  3. June 11, 2009

    I’ve never modified any paragon paths before, or created any for that matter. We’ve not been playing 4e for very long so the matter has yet to come up. But it’s something interesting to look at. Especially modifying the Spellstorm Mage to a flame based. I may take a crack at it to see what sort of things can be done. Looking at it, more than just alteration of Lightning –> Fire may be needed.

    Sounds like fun ^_^

  4. June 11, 2009

    With a desire to try my hand at understanding 4e mechanics more as well as seeing what it would be like to modify a paragon path (And to just be helpful), I’ve altered the Spellstorm PP as a flame based one with slightly different powers. I posted it (Will be soon) on my blog for comments

    @Brad: I wish I’d remembered to bring that one in with me to work. I may have to look at it to modifiy what I have.

  5. Saragon permalink
    June 11, 2009

    To flesh out the Heir of Siberys PP a bit: The 11th level-action point ability was simply that the PC started the day with two action points instead of one after an extended rest. (The 3.5 Heir of Siberys PrC gave extra action points as well, so this was easy.)

    The second 11th-level ability was also pretty easy: As the Siberys mark began to form, the PC simply received the ability of the Greater dragonmark of their lineage (and as dragonmark abilities are cumulative in my homebrew rules, they received the Least and Lesser abilities as well by virtue of having the Greater ability.) Naturally, they also couldn’t take any other dragonmark feat from this point forward. (As a point of pride, I’m very pleased with how my dragonmark feats turned out: Free ritual as a once-per-day thing and a small bonus to an appropriate skill.)

    The 16th-level ability was pretty weak to make up for the front-loaded 11th-level power: Adjacent allies and yourself get a +1 bonus to saving throws, and you gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy and Intimidate (a Siberys mark has certain powerful social connotations.)

    I’m proud of the powers I came up with as well. The 11th-level encounter power, Wrath of Siberys, is a blast 5 attack that does 2d10 damage and dazes foes until the end of your next turn. The 12th-level daily power basically gives you the effect of a high-level ritual for free, depending on which mark you’ve got; and the 20th-level power, Presence of Siberys, does 3d10 psychic damage (close burst 3), weakens and stuns (save ends), and weakened as an aftereffect (also save ends).

    As I said previously, I didn’t make a real attempt to balance the paragon path, especially since I was pretty sure WotC would get their Eberron books out before my party got to 11th level. (As it happens, due to some ridiculous delays in starting the game, the party won’t be 2nd level by the time the first book drops.)

  6. June 11, 2009

    @Brad: I just checked out the Rimetongue Caller and I agree, it would be an easier conversion to just change the Cold to Fire and your set.

  7. June 11, 2009

    Assuming Summoning is your character’s design as I now see some of the powers mod summoned monsters

  8. Stupid Ranger permalink*
    June 11, 2009

    Thanks to everyone for the advice and input! There’s some great ideas here, and I will definitely have to look at them as I get closer to time for picking a Path.

  9. Bronz permalink
    June 12, 2009

    I probably wouldn’t worry about a paragon path and fire, through Rimetongue is a nice touch. If allowed by your group, I’d pick up the feat that allows any implement from any arcane class, pick up longsword or dagger, and create a flaming version. Instant fire damage for ALL your spells if you want.

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