Behind the Screen: Nearing the end!

2009 May 13
by Dante

First off, thanks to everyone that answered the Question of the Day that turned into the Question of the Week. I’ve been dealing with a heavily increased workload in real life since that posting has gone up, so we’re going to exercise some of the great recommendations and get a solo campaign started up for her very soon.

The end of the module as we know it!

We’re getting dangerously close to the end of Keep on the Shadowfell, and now’s the time for me to start infusing some of my own details into the module to prepare my group for life outside the Keep. I’ve got about 10 sessions worth of material storyboarded, which is a new tool in my DM repertoire.

Essentially I’ve been writing out the campaign sessions in a bulleted list outlining the setting, the key players, and expected paths that the group could progress along. If the group goes “off script” I will just make some new bullets for the following session and adjust as needed.

I’m taking several notes of inspiration for this idea from the encounter structure from Keep on the Shadowfell. I really enjoy the two-page encounter style, and I’m also taking some inspiration from Phil the Chatty DM‘s one-page dungeon contest. Succinct representation of roleplaying ideas is a really important skill for busy dungeon masters like me!

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