Goodbye, Dave Arneson.

2009 April 9
by Dante

Our hobby had two kings and now they are both at rest: sadly, word reaches us tonight that Professor Dave Arneson has passed away.

Dave Arneson was the quiet force behind this hobby that we love so much and we are sad to hear of his passing. What amazed me about Dave was how approachable he was, in recent years sitting dutifully at his booth selling the newest incarnation of Blackmoor. As I mentioned yesterday, it was one of the highlights of my nerd-life to meet him each of the last two years at GenCon. He was always talkative and friendly, willing to trade a story or two about his many gaming experiences.

You will be sorely missed, Professor Arneson. I hope that all of the love and respect that was poured out onto the Internet eased your pain in your final hours. Our hobby will not be the same without you!

Thank you to Dave’s family for providing information on these developments over the past few days, our thoughts and prayers remain with you during this difficult time.

Funeral plans are being arranged, and letters and cards can still be sent to:
Dave Arneson
1043 Grand Avenue
Box #257
St. Paul, MN

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