The Steaming Power of Irreverence…

2009 March 23
by Dante

This week, StupidRanger Central West is hosting the one, the only e. from Geek’s Dream Girl! She’s here to work with Stupid Ranger on their upcoming book project, but in their “off hours” we are going to play a week-long irreverent campaign featuring bards. Two of them. Goliaths, in fact.

How to play in an irreverent campaign

Judging from the loud laughing and excited talking from the other room, this campaign is going to be a treat. I’ve already been interrupted once to be asked if they can have a ornery goat as a pet, and they’re talking about playing their characters as mentally disturbed.

It looks like this campaign is going to be none-too-serious!

Here’s some tips for DMing a campaign of this calibre:

  1. Create exceeding amounts of local color.

    Characters, the city or venue they are in, even ridiculous buildings or rituals can provide a good backdrop when players want to have fun.

  2. Let them be a little unbalanced.

    I decided to let the two of them select a few magic items that they would like to have, and level up to 5th level. Reasons are twofold: people focus on roleplaying more when they’re not fretting over having a 3rd level songblade, and I hate lower level campaigning! Fighting wolves or goblins can only go on for so long, this lets me throw some things that are fun for me at them. Hey, even the DM is entitled to have a little fun too!

  3. Keep it fun, stupid!

    The whole point of an irreverent campaign is to have a good time. Throw ridiculous events or circumstances at the players, present them with a rich opportunity for roleplay and some combat.

    The general rule of thumb is:
    If everyone is laughing and having a good time, you’re doing it right!

I’m off to research if they make chastity belts large enough for Goliaths now! More on these strange events tomorrow!

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