PHB2 Release Day is upon us!!

2009 March 17
by Dante

Today is the big day! In addition to being my birthday (woot!), it is the auspicious release day for the Player’s Handbook 2! Today, I’m going to outline my favorite parts.

Favorite Race: Goliath

As I mentioned Saturday, I really like the Goliath. Not a popular pick, I know… but their strong, competitive, daring nature really paints a picture of an authentic natural addition to the D&D racial fold. These guys (and gals) exude the confidence that only those bred for a fighting lifestyle possess. There’s a lot to like about this class, their Stone’s Endurance (basically, stoneskin) racial ability is great.

I am very impressed with the color and detail provided within the pages of the Races section of the PHB2. The authors did an excellent job of painting a very clear portrait of each class, as well as selecting compelling racial abilities that make for some exciting character choices.

Favorite Racial Paragon Path: Scion of Arkhosia

As part of the process of reviewing the PHB2, I rolled up a Dragonborn Sorcerer named Ash (original name, I know). I hadn’t really explored the Dragonborn race prior to this, however my interest was buoyed by the Scion of Arkhosia racial paragon path.

The neat thing about this paragon path is it lets you improve the areas of your Dragonborn heritage that were fixed when you entered the larger world. Over time, your dragon breath becomes a powerful area of effect attack, and later gains the ability to cling to your enemies and consume them. The coolest path feature is Dragon Wings. That’s right… you gain the ability to fly equal to your speed as a movement action. Thankfully, the wings are only strong enough for one movement worth of flight… I can tell you from experience that extended flight is disruptive.

Favorite Class: Bard!

I’m not just saying this because it made Stupid Ranger the happiest girl on the block, I truly like the changes they’ve made to the bard. They’re funcitonal, powerful, and truly fill the Leader role that they deserve.

The addition of songblades and other bardic instruments really add some interest. As I was reading through the Bard chapter, all I could think about was reincarnations of Bat Loaf running around singing Slayer’s Song to inspire his allies to greater rock while he layed down significant amounts of pwnage.

So go get it already!

I was excited about this book before I got the opportunity to preview it, and if I hadn’t been afforded this rare opportunity I would be at Border’s tomorrow buying one. If you’re still sitting on the fence, check out the additional coverage at our RPGBlogger pals: Atomic Array, Game Cryer, Gnome Stew, Critical Hits, Campaign Mastery, Uncle Bear, Critical Ankle Bites, Kobold Quarterly, The Core Mechanic, Flames Rising, and Musings of the Chatty DM.

We also had the opportunity to participate in a fun PHB2 Roundtable over at Critical Hits, so be sure to check that out!

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  1. Stargazer permalink
    March 17, 2009

    Happy birthday!!!

  2. greywulf permalink
    March 17, 2009

    Happy Birthday, Dante 😀

    Glad you like the PHB2 too.

  3. Scott Malthouse permalink
    March 17, 2009

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Jonathan permalink
    March 17, 2009

    happy birthday! bard my fav’ class too from PHB2… good to have it back.

  5. Dante permalink
    March 18, 2009

    Thanks everybody!

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