Customizing Your Character with the PHB2

2009 March 14
by Stupid Ranger

I believe that a character truly lives when she has a history.  And there are some options in the new PHB2 that give you some ideas if you’re stuck trying to develop your character’s backstory.

Background Options
Chapter Three begins with some option to help you develop a background for your character, including associated skills you might want to consider training (pending DM approval, of course).  There are some basic options, including geography and socio-economic status, to get you started and inspire you to something more.
There are also background examples specifically related to your character’s race.  Races from the PHB, Forgotten Realms Players Guide and the PHB2 have two or three background scenarios listed.  But these are not just gimme scenarios; they present questions to help you take that scenario and customize it for your character… perfect for getting you started on your backstory.
Variant Ritual Book
This is one of my favorite inspirations.  Not every character who needs a ritual book wants to lug around a “book” for her rituals.  Sometimes, a variation of the “book” is what works best for your character.  There are some ideas listed under the Variant Ritual Book heading, but you can easily apply your own creative twist.  Your cleric might prefer prayer beads.  Your bard might carry a music score book.  Changing the nature of your “book” is a prefect way to make your character a little more unique.
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  1. thievescant permalink
    March 14, 2009

    I really enjoy the inclusion of backgrounds that give a small mechanical difference to the PC. It rewards them for roleplaying, but also that backstory tends to have much more impact on the game than the little +1 to a skill. I’d love to see a Dragon article with more backgrounds, or something akin to that.

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