World Of…. Savings…Craft?

2009 February 11
by Vanir

Due in part to the fact that someone has cast Greater Recession on the economy, and also because debt is my wife’s favored enemy, my lovely wife Efreak and I are attempting to watch our finances. Accordingly, she concocted for us a budget, and we discussed ways we can pay off the remainder of our debts. After some furious financial critical strikes, I am pleased to say that the only things we have left to pay off are our house, and half of my student loan. I’ve been paying on the damned thing for 9 years, let nobody tell you state schools are cheap!!!! (Of course, changing one’s major twice will do that to you….)

One thing I was rather surprised about was how I was unintentionally saving money. If you’d looked at how I was spending money a year ago, you would see me mostly blowing money on 1> going to the movies, 2> videogames, and 3> electronics. It was not unusual for me to crack $100-150 a month on entertainment. Last month’s numbers revealed something surprising: I’d only spent $15 total – solely on my WoW subscription.

I’d had friends tell me before I started playing that this might happen, but I didn’t believe it. But it just goes to show: if you’re grinding, you’re not spending money!

Now I just have to make sure I remember to leave the house now and then…..

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