Gamer Girl Suvey: Update

2009 January 19
by Stupid Ranger

I wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has participated so far in the Gamer Girl survey for the book e and I are developing.  We have had such fantastic turn-out on our surveys, and we are both really overwhelmed with goodwill and support.

As of Sunday night, one week from our survey release, we have 185 guys’ surveys nd 146 girls’ surveys.  Having reached our goal for the guys, we have closed the guys’ survey, but we are still taking girls’ surveys at:
For those who have completed our survey and/or offered support, we both extend our gratitude.  If you’re a girl gamer and haven’t completed the survey, or if you know a girl gamer how hasn’t finished the survey, please send them the link!
Thanks! 🙂
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