Spicing up the boring road…

2008 November 25
by Dante

Stupid Ranger and I traveled home for the Thanksgiving holiday this week, making a very dull 16 hour drive from Colorado to Illinois to visit my family with our very own riding dog, Teddy, in tow. In between cycling music CDs and keeping tabs on which state license plates we saw rolling down the road alongside us, my thoughts inevitably turned to our D&D campaigns and the inevitability of longer haul travel.

Does that sign really say that? Yeah… it does. Wow.

This is a topic we have covered before in some fashion, however I found myself interested in the small details as we went down the road. Strange things sparked conversation, such as a giant hand painted yard sign in the middle of a field that said “OUTLAW SODOMY” in big letters. Adventure is ensured for the intrepid folks that would seek out the people so dedicated to that particular cause that they got out the ol’ bucket of Dutch Boy and made that thing happen!

Other, less controversial points of interest caught my eye… weird storefronts, museums to historical figures I have never heard of, even some truly strange town names. Before long I was keeping a little crib sheet in my head of ideas for my next D&D campaign.

It just goes to show you, new ideas can come from anywhere!

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  1. Noumenon permalink
    November 25, 2008

    a giant hand painted yard sign in the middle of a field that said “OUTLAW SODOMY” in big letters.

    Is that sodomy for outlaws, or by outlaws? It matters especially for determining who is in the target market for my new business venture, IN-LAW SODOMY.

  2. Dante permalink
    November 25, 2008

    Sadly, the sign did not specify. I am really disturbed by the prospect of your business venture. My in-laws would most assuredly not approve!

  3. Gregor LeBlaque permalink
    November 28, 2008

    Road trips are great for game ideas. Once while driving the back roads of Illinois I came to this intersection: The Vin Fiz Road leading to Nebo, IL.

    Thus was born my favorite gnome name I’ve ever bestowed on a gnome NPC: Vin Fiz deNebo.

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