It’s all starting to come together now…

2008 November 17
by Dante

Stupid Ranger and I are finally getting settled into our new home! Fortuitously, as if by some divine plan, I received a sales email from the guys over at Geek Chic lauding their new demi-Sultan table that will be released to the masses on November 23rd.

Cursed Consumerism!

This just threw a healthy splash of gasoline on the fire for me to plan my new gaming sanctuary at my new home. While I might not be able to afford the Sultan (unless their big reveal is more economical models!), I certainly would like some sort of a custom gaming area to inhabit with my motley band of adventurers.

The space itself needs some finishing, so once that is done I am looking ahead for some good multi-purpose ideas for using that space as a gaming/recreation area. I’m thinking a big, home-rolled whiteboard would be nice both for drawing encounters or keeping score for the ol’ dart board. A more high tech solution might come along depending on how my research into multitouch surface technology goes… that may take a back burner until warmer months when I can comfortably build things outdoors again.

Other necessary components, aside from a place to rest one’s butt:

  • A food/drink/alcohol dispensary of some kind.
  • One to many book containment units
  • One to many miniature containment units
  • Some sort of music system to provide some mad roleplaying tunes
  • The all-important ambiance factor, meaning a place to display the ample Lord of the Rings prop/sword collection
  • Some sort of glorified display for my autographed OD&D sourcebooks, perhaps with mini Gygaxian Shrine (seriously not a joke here people, I want this!)

I will provide updates as they develop… or when the guys at Geek Chic finally get the hint and drop ship me their newest model for… uh… review and testing purposes. Heck, I’ll even take their slightly loved used equipment off their hands!

As I return from dreamland, feel free to shout out whatever random stuff that comes to mind when you think about your ideal gaming space. Coolest ideas I haven’t thought of already will likely get you hugged if we ever meet IRL, and have a distinct possibility of being implemented in the final Roleplaying Dungeon!

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  1. Bonemaster permalink
    November 17, 2008

    Yeah, I’ve always got a chuckle out of the Sultan’s price tag. I’d love to know which RPG/Gaming Geeks can afford one.

    Still, your right a gaming sanctuary would be great. I haven’t had anything like that since I got married. (It’s amazing what spend on raising a child, not to mention the space.)

    So let’s see my idea gaming space. Let’s see. I’d like to have a custom gaming table with built-in power and network ports, so that I can have player searchable web data at the game table via a Table-only Intranet. Long before I was married, I actually started working on plans for a table with cheap dumb terminals. I still have an 8 port serial card that I had planned to use. Of course all that computer stuff, even on the a table-only Intranet may distract from the game, but hell it’s only a pipe dream at this point.

    I like the idea of a whiteboard. It really would come in handy. I think my biggest issue no matter where I game, is that I don’t have enough room for my stuff as a GM. The second is miniature organization. I just don’t have my organized enough. I need to buy more foam for my Army Transport Case.

  2. Jack Smith IV permalink
    November 17, 2008

    Have you looked at these guys?

    They were able to produce a very similar table for much less money. I even like it much better as a table, seeing as how it isn’t quite as massive and unwieldy.

    Good luck, and congratulations on the new space!

  3. Quill permalink
    November 17, 2008

    Might I also suggest that you take a look at Monte Cook’s gaming room at He has pictures both on his livejournal page and in his forums.

    His table and room are basically heaven.

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