Connecting a Little Better to my Character

2008 September 24
by Stupid Ranger

Getting lost in a character is one of the most exciting elements of roleplaying. I love to roleplay characters with whom I feel a deep connection. For that brief time when I am in-character, I want to escape reality, and this becomes much easier and more enjoyable when I am my character instead of myself. Here’s are three quick, easy ways to connect:

1. A Little Self-Analysis – Review the information related to your class and race. Preview your career options. If you really were your character, you would know who you are and who you want to be. It’s merely a matter of knowing yourself.

2. A Little Geography – Take a look at your campaign setting. I’m not recommending that you memorize the capitals or the location of every river in the continent. But, depending on your character, you would probably have a general idea of your surroundings. The broad strokes of the setting can help make it a little more real, and if your world is more real, your character will feel more real.

3. A Little Creative Writing – I love writing backstories for my characters. The creative process involved helps me connect on a very deep level with the character I’ve developed. A stray memory from childhood, a rite of passage, any little thing that helps make your character unique will help you connect to your character. On of my favorite techniques is to tell the story of how my character came into her profession; not only do you create an insight into how you came to be who you are (Level 1), you have a great reason to keep doing what you’re doing (see #1).

Three little step to help me stay connected to my character, but each leaves a lot of room for personalization and adaptation to any character.

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