Preparing for Gencon: The Liveblog…

2008 August 13
by Dante

Thanks to everyone that extended birthday wishes to us yesterday! Tonight all of us at StupidRanger Central are getting ready for GenCon this weekend!

Thanks to my new ultramobile Eee PC 1000 laptop (DM’s best friend!), I fully intend to have periodic updates from the convention floor. We’re planning to take part in many gaming events and SR and I plan to exercise our capitalist freedoms very near to the Chessex booth, but the real highlight of the convention this year is going to be our first real-life meetups with several of our RPG Blogger friends.

Like SR said on Monday, she will be competing in the Queen of Geeks pageant. Naturally, I will be in her cheering section and I hope that some of our devoted readership will show up to cheer her on to her coronation!

For those of you at the convention: we’ll see you there! Don’t be shy, we don’t bite. Come to the RPG Bloggers Unite! panel! See SR’s mortal embarassment, see Vanir eat a medically dangerous amount of sugar! Marvel at my inability to be articulate in person! All this and more in Indianapolis!!

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  1. ChattyDM permalink
    August 13, 2008

    I’ll have my Dell D430 laptop myself… God I love ultra portables.

    Hey don’t forget our Blogger Magic the Gathering Draft!

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