Liveblog 2: D&D + Libations == Awesome

2008 August 14
by Dante

Tonight marked the first of a new (hopefully) annual event: The D&D Drinking Game. Our good buddy Phil, The Chatty DM hosted several of the RPG Bloggers all-stars: Yax from DungeonMastering, the guys from Critical Hits, and the trifecta of awesome that comprises our site.

Phil was so kind to create us pre-generated, crazy, irreverent characters complete with roleplaying quirks that we had to act out. He also supplied us with a fair amount of drinking rules that ran adjacent to the 4th edition rule set. The result: concentrated awesome! I’m sure photos will also be forthcoming, but I failed far too many saves to have the dexterity remaining to post them tonight!

Five hours went by in a flash, and we only made it through one of four battle scenes. Many hilarious quotes were documented and will likely make their way into the blogosphere in coming nights, but we had so much fun that we’re going to have a continuance on Saturday night.

It was really great to get to meet these guys, and the sense of community that we had before was amplified by getting together in person. This is what GenCon is all about!

Tomorrow: StupidRanger herself competes to become the Queen of the Geeks!!

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