Perks of Travel…

2008 July 16
by Dante

For starters, allow me to apologize for the lack of a new post yesterday. I arrived back at my hotel at 11:55 pm, so I thought it best simply to collect my thoughts and give you something interesting to read today instead of a crappy “sorry, missed a post” post.

Navigation and storybuilding, both tricky tasks…

In my various wanderings around the mountain countryside, I determined that navigation is made much easier by large, looming markers of direction (like, say, the Rocky Mountains). It’s also made considerably easier by the addition of a Garmin nuvi 350, which one of my coworkers brought with her.

The respective bonuses to Intuit Direction have to be at least +2 and +10 respectively.

Even with this assistence, I still found myself lost a few times. This was only a little frustrating, however a few choice encounters have inspired me for a few campaign ideas. I am in the process of fleshing out these ideas into a servicable 4e campaign, which should be fun to both break me into 4e and unleash on my unwilling player characters.

One may glean from this information that I am finally reading my 4e books in depth, and that means that before long you’ll start hearing glowing praise/moderate indifference/seething rage depending on my mood at the time I sit down to write my various reviews.

I haven’t decided how I intend to structure my opinions of 4e, but I am leaning toward an “in theory” and “in practice” set of segments that would outline how I see a new aspect of the system handling, and then how it actually handles once we get into the game itself.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated on what you want to hear me talk about. Here’s your chance, blogosphere… choose your own adventure!

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