Out Of The Box Roleplaying: NEW TIME! MORE GUESTS!

2008 July 31
by Vanir

Well, true believers, we’re putting the finishing touches on our upcoming Out Of the Box Roleplaying event for Gen Con this year, and the further along we get, the more excited I am about this. For those who missed my last post about this event, please allow me to summarize:

  • Half D&D, half improv comedy, all fun. Watch your favorite bloggers battle their way through a very rules-light, high-hilarity adventure run by Dante!
  • Special guests/victims include Yax from Dungeon Mastering, Phil from Musings of the Chatty DM, and Dave The Game and Bartoneus from Critical Hits.

    Joining our fearless guests at the gaming table will be our very own Stupid Ranger!

  • See Vanir roleplay and draw scenes from the game as they happen in a sugar-fueled frenzy! Watch as his heart and brain compete for the right to explode first!
  • FREE STUFF including E.L. Fudge cookies for everyone and totally sweet prizes for audience participation!

Here’s the event information!

The event time has switched from 10AM to 9AM and the event will run two full hours until 11am. If you already signed up, you should be receiving an email from Gen Con notifying you of the change.

This is a totally free event, and we’re not going to turn anyone away, ticket or no ticket, until the fire marshal intervenes. And he may have a fight on his hands.

Out of the Box Roleplaying with StupidRanger.com
Sunday, August 17
9:00AM - 11:00AM
Embassy Suites Consulate

Come join in the fun!

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