The "In-Between"

2008 June 3
by Stupid Ranger

It may come as a big surprise to all our regular readers that we ended our big campaign this weekend. Nah, just kidding. By now you’ve probably read Dante’s posts regarding the spectacular end of the campaign.

We had a great finish, defeated the horrible goddess of pain and suffering to anointed one of our own to that position. We all went our own ways and lived happily ever after.

Now, I’m stuck in limbo, the “In-Between” from one campaign to the next.

It’s that bitter-sweet time when you celebrate the successful end of the campaign, you go on to live happily ever after, and you retire your beloved character sheet to the Great Beyond. You wipe a tear from your eye and tell yourself it’s time to roll up a new character.

The problem of being “In Between” is that you’re briefly stuck “In Between.”

It’s that difficult time when you are trying to make decisions about your next character. Do you replicate your recently retired character because you’re sure you could do better this time? Do you try something completely different because you want to avoid the “character contamination” that would result from having too similar a character? Or do you just see what everyone else is planning, and fill in whatever gap would result?

It’s a tough time, this time spent in the “In Between,” but the good news is that soon you will be creating your back story and embarking on the joyful journey that is roleplaying.

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