The Aftermath, and a look to the future…

2008 June 2
by Dante

Just in case you’ve not been reading carefully the last few posts, we finished our campaign this past weekend. After the session had wrapped, we immediately started considering options for the following campaign.

What’s Next For Us

The other couple in our group has the torch to run the next campaign, and we’re all eagerly anticipating that, however we all elected to take a several week break to deal with The Real World (booooo) before getting underway with a new campaign.

As a whole, the group is eagerly anticipating the 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons, however Kanati and I were quick to point out that we’d both be more comfortable delaying until we can fully absorb the new system rules. Our next campaign will likely be 3.5 edition Ravenloft, which will be my first time in that campaign setting.

A lament for things left behind

Thanks to this lull in our gaming activities, we’re getting ready for a garage sale here at SR Central to cull some of our extra stuff and regain some shelf space for our new acquisitions. I was going through some old boxes when I happened across my third edition D&D books, complete with my (nearly) full-body character sketch of my ropehandling wizard, Medric the Great.

I drew it while our GM was in a heated rules “discussion” with another of our college D&D crew, and I liked it so much that I held on to it. Unfortunately, we didn’t get that far through the campaign before school got in the way so I never quite got to flesh that character the way I wanted.

I often grapple with the urge to revisit past characters or campaign settings, and I always get talked out of it by the rest of our gaming group. This pull usually gets stronger without the immediate presentation of roleplaying opportunities, in fact I keep several Google Docs with “Return to…” campaign threads that sit, waiting for their time to come.

If anyone has any suggestions for how to slake this thirst for reliving “the good times” I would appreciate hearing it!

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  1. Seumas Macdonald permalink
    June 9, 2008

    I am currently filled with a thirst to revisit legendary characters of the past. I wish I’d kept better game notes on them, so that I could read and relive their great tales.

    I don’t have a solution for you, except the best cure I’ve found is to get a new campaign up and running and involved.

    Though, sometimes there is a good reason to bring out mighty characters of old and play some high-level epic campaigns.

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