Eagerly awaiting 4e…

2008 June 13
by Dante

Well, I’m back from the mountains, trying desperately to get caught back up at the office. During my normal email checking regiment, I noticed that my order containing my 4e core rules set shipped so it is speeding its way to me as we speak.

I have gotten a chance to check out SR’s Players Handbook, which looks downright phenominal. I’ve had the opportunity to review some of the other books courtesy of a few friends, but there is no better measure than getting the books in your own hands and reading them with your own eyes.

I might end up doing a summarization of my thoughts about the new rule set, but you will likely not see an extensive review of each book. The reasons for this are many, but the greatest of these is that I would rather *play* the system before reviewing it fully. Just reading through the book and determining which “alarm states” that occur in the DM’s brain are real and which are just needless worrying isn’t enough. I want to live, eat, and breathe 4e for awhile before I render my final verdict.

For that, I will need Vanir, E.L Fudge cookies, an old priest, a young priest, and four to seven willing associates. Once I gather these components I will be ready to talk shop!

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