Dungeons & Drinking

2008 June 24
by Vanir

Today at lunch, one of my coworkers relayed to me one of the best worst ideas I’ve ever heard for playing D&D. Simply put, he had invented a fiendishly simple drinking game to go along with standard play. The only difference? You could reroll anything, anytime you wanted. You could take as many attacks as you wanted in a round. You could take as many actions in a row as you wanted. And anytime you wanted to do this, you had to take a shot.

As you may have guessed, this would probably lead to some short and very spectacular sessions. So we started talking a little more about it, and decided with the new release of 4e we could make some modifications.

  • 1 action point = 1 shot
  • Use any at-will power without ending your turn (no limit) = 1 sip from one’s beer
  • Regain the use of an encounter power, instantly usable without ending your turn = 1 shot
  • Regain the use of a daily power, instantly usable without ending your turn = 1 shot of something awful (like Everclear)
  • Finishing any bottle of hard liquor = substitute any roll for natural 20, usable anytime (provided you can still comprehend what dice are)

Disclaimer: We here at Stupid Ranger encourage people to drink responsibly and will not be responsible for anyone following through on this insanity and losing their property/spouse/job/life. And for the love of Pelor, don’t do this Saturday night at Gen Con and miss Out Of the Box Roleplaying.

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  1. Dante permalink
    June 25, 2008

    We’re missing a great marketing opportunity here, man… an “I drank the Wyrm” t-shirt, with a drunken fighter trying vainly to get the last bit out of his tequila bottle.

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