All work and no raccoons make Dante a dull boy…

2008 June 30
by Dante

I don’t know if its the extra talk about zombies, the truly fantastic banter surrounding in-game amusements, or the fact that I’m taking the first of my vacation time from my job this week but I’m going to draw some inspiration from a very likely source: one of my favorite web comics.

Questionable Content has been running a storyline lately surrounding one of their characters potentially getting mauled by an errant raccoon, and a few of the jokes lately have been revolving around rabies. Also, there have been a few dream sequence strips lately that reminded me a lot of something that would fall out of Vanir’s head.

This got me thinking to what Vanir could do with a rabies infected character. As this idea took root, I started to contemplate how he could sing “My Sharona” with a mouthful of faux foam to really sell the point and then it hit me… rabies would probably be a minor inconvenience. (At least in 3.5 edition).

Without falling back on the lame shtick of “uh… this is magical rabies. It’s resistant to ‘Cure Disease'”, the best I could do is hope that his antics would lead the group into enough immediate roleplaying to make the notion interesting for a bit.

Sadly, work responsibilities have prevented me from getting far enough into the 4e books to know if they made curing disease more of a process, or if its still a magical balm for all sorts of interesting maladies that could make for an interesting gaming session. Perhaps this week I will tear into those books and all questions will be answered.

Until then, head on over to Questionable Content, read a few, and tell Jeph that Dante sent ya. Maybe he’ll stop by over here and make my month. I don’t even know if he roleplays, but I’m assuming from the tone of his strip that he’s got enough nerd in him to roll a few 20’s.

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  1. Ben Pop permalink
    July 1, 2008

    Oh, man! I love QC! I’ve been following for years, now, and it’s always cool to hear that somebody else likes it!

    I liked the dream sequences, too. My favorite was Dora’s. I also like the Cloud Strife hair that Hanners is pimpin’ now as well.

    I get little bits of D&D here and there from QC, but not a lot. A young Marten was the captain of the D&D club, and Dora mentioning Magic Missile in the current arc. He’s certainly more of a music geek, which suits me just fine.

    My feeling is something like that would be a ritual. But I’m a game newbie, so who cares what I feel? 😀

    Anyway, I’m glad you’ve gathered such joy out of the recent posts — they’ve amused me as well. So keep up with the posting! I enjoy this blog.

  2. Dante permalink
    July 1, 2008

    Thanks for reading, Ben! I noticed those bits of D&D too, which is part of what got me wondering about it.

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