Abstract Thoughts

2008 June 25
by Stupid Ranger

The recent trend on our site for the less than serious content will continue yet again. As we’re between campaigns right now, none of us are particularly inspired to post game-related content. So, here’s my contribution to the frivolity.

It’s that time of year when Gen Con seems so close and yet still so far away! I’m very excited this year to meet our friends from the blog-o-sphere. It’ll be an entertaining year, I’m sure.

Just a reminder, pre-registration ends this weekend!

I’ve been bitten lately by more than just mosquitoes… the writing bug has been after me lately too. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite managed to get the inspiration and motivation coordinated, but I’m sure I’ll get there. Until then, I have been enjoying Capturing Fantasy.

In other abstract thoughts, I’ve taken a break from Oz books and starting reading the Chronicles of Narnia. It’s all good times.

That’s about all for me right now. Stay tuned for more insanity!

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  1. Harrison permalink
    June 26, 2008

    Hey Ranger! Thanks for the link!

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