A few insane words regarding our GenCon event…

2008 June 22
by Dante

Many of you have seen Vanir’s announcement detailing our GenCon event, and I thought it best to tease you all a bit with some vague details!

My good buddy Vanir and I have been knocking around some conceptual ideas about how this whole thing will unfold, and I can tell you with no level of uncertainty that I am certain it will be his finest sugar-fueled hour. Adding in the (internet) star-studded guest list will only amplify the insanity.

Vanir conjectured that he wouldn’t be singing, but I might. What he says is true, because in reality I am a Level 20 30 NecroBard that can accomplish a bardic music version of Finger of Death. Hearing protection might be advisable if you’re showing up to this thing. Also, men might want to wear a cup.

With the intrepid panel of bloggers providing two deluxe red dragons, disembodied egos, and iocane powder I have no idea what’s going to happen but I do know one thing: I can keep up the funny ALL NIGHT LONG, so if this event spills out into some stench filled corner of the convention center after our hour is up, so be it.

And just like at Hickman’s Killer Breakfast, gifts and tribute won’t get you anywhere, but they will certainly cause something to happen. A briefcase of cash may get you on the panel briefly. Just sayin’.

One more thing (oh Lord, I’m turning into Jobs somehow)… there MAY be one or two other event announcements coming soon that you all should be aware of… but they will come later. Watch this space, there may be hints on how to make the most out of this event as the summer unfolds.

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