The New Old (Experienced) Kids on the Block…

2008 May 22
by Dante

I’d like to take today’s post to herald the dawning of a new and truly excellent roleplaying and game mastering blog run by some pretty talented folks: Gnome Stew, the Game Mastering Blog.

All Hail the Honor Guard of Game Mastering!

Those of you that have been paying any attention whatsoever in recent years will recognize many of the names, the Gnome-in-Chief is none other than Martin Ralya. Until very recently, Martin maintained (in my opinion) the gold standard of all GMing blogs, Treasure Tables.

The rest of the gnomes are a formidable bunch as well, several of which have honored us with their opinions during our relatively short tenure in the blogosphere. A quick glance at the front page of Gnome Stew pretty well tells the tale… you get a broad perspective on all things gaming, from conventions to gaming systems to game mastering tips… there’s a ton of great information there already and they’ve not even been open a month yet!

It’s going to be great to see what they have in store as months unfold, head on over there and see what good stuff they’re laying down! I’ve added them a big, hairy link in our Featured Links section… because, lets face it… with an honor roll like that there’s no question their site is going to rule! Good luck, you guys!

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  1. Martin Ralya permalink
    May 23, 2008

    This is one of the nicest intros to Gnome Stew that I’ve read, and it’s a great feeling to see that what we’re doing over there is working so well for you. We’ll keep it up, and thank you!

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