Behind the Screen: It may be junk to some…

2008 May 15
by Dante

I was in the basement tonight moving around some of my gaming stuff and I came across a few oddities:

The Random d30

Also known as the “sling bullet”, I got one of these from a random cup of dice from the Chessex booth at GenCon in my earlier years. I don’t really know what its good for, but it does have the uncanny ability to appear in all its purple glory in random locations throughout our gaming space. Now that we’re in epic levels, maybe it is time to start using it as a damage die.

The Lone Skeleton

I don’t know if it was a promo or just a random miniature that fell out of the box away from its fellows, but there’s a Skeleton miniature that seems to find its way to the bottom of my bookbag, or he’ll occasionally show up to jab me in the foot unexpectedly during gaming sessions.

I should make a t-shirt that says “Danger! Severe Skeleton Damage.” That’d be great.

Ancient Documentation of Worlds Past

I have a bad habit of taking notes that make plenty of sense at the time, but end up being strangely arcane snips of text like “three yellow amethysts open the device” or “75 +2 daggers”. Occasionally, I will find something that grants some vague context to a certain part of a past campaign but this certainly speaks to a need for more organization on my part.

I’ve given passing thought to learning a form of shorthand so I can actually keep real notes during a session and not be all distracted writing, so maybe these notes won’t lack so much context in the future.

My co-DM does not suffer from this problem, when he documents something I usually get a 10 page story complete with good punctuation, maps, and details. He’s just better than me in that regard!

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