Behind the Screen: Inspiration from an unlikely source…

2008 May 6
by Dante

A thousand apologies for the lack of a meaningful post yesterday. With the ISP troubles, Stupid Ranger being on the road, and Vanir still taking care of junior we were somewhat out of options. Ah well, water under the bridge as they say…

Throw up the horns?

Well, probably not. Tonight I want to talk again about unlikely sources for roleplaying ideas, this time my topic will be classic rock. More directly, classic rock involving The Eagles. You see, the origin for this post comes largely from the alcohol that fueled our Cinco de Mayo celebrations around Stupid Ranger Central and my cousin, who exhibited wisdom beyond his years by recommending that we put some Eagles on to pass the time.

Several hours go by, and the mixture of beer and Don Henley vocals started to formulate into notions about Witchy Women, what lies along Seven Bridges Road, and whether or not love can truly keep us alive. I think the colorful vocals are what lent me toward campaign ideas, most notably during Witchy Woman and Hotel California… the portrait that is painted by these lyrics beg to find their way into a one-shot campaign for me.

Who knows, sometime soon these ideas may come into fruition… the only other artist that immediately springs to mind as one that constantly emits campaign ideas is Meat Loaf, but I’m sure Vanir will be along any time to explain how Meat Loaf is more of a characters icon than he is a DM’s icon.

For those of you that enjoy morals to the story, we’ll go with “don’t hesitate to look for campaign ideas in unlikely places” and leave it at that.

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